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dating guitars by control pots
dating guitars by control pots

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dating guitars by control pots

. Just what the title says...what's the difference in tone between 250K and 500K pots? Also, I plan to swap out the 500K pots that were in my squier strat for some 250K. So many people say to use audio, and yet almost every guitar i ever play through an amp has a volume pot that doesn't ramp smoothly from '0' to 10' but has a 'lump. What's the difference in tone between 500k tone pot with.047 cap vs.022 and.033? How come most single coils with 250k pots come with.022 caps, why not.047?.. L-L'B Le-Li Ll-m ade: i nfo updated 28/2/2015 : HG Leach. 1980 to present: Harvey Leach, Cedar Ridge, California. I completely disagree. It sounds to me like you have an audio taper volume pot, which accounts for the strange taper. What you need is a linear taper B Alpha pot. C-Cb: m ade: updated 4/4 /2014 : CA Guitars: 1998 to present: Founded by Ellis Seal, making acoustic guitars with modern technology.... Just picked up a squire at a pawn shop today and needed some help dating it. Its a Squire stratocaster made in korea. Serial is VN250xxx. I was guessing a 1992 or. Write a Review The Taylor V-Cable is a quarter-inch cable with a built-in master volume control. Perfect for acoustic-electric guitars that are designed without ton. Electric guitar potentiometers are used to control the volume and tone of your guitar, but how do guitar pots work? Learn the difference between 250K and 500K pots.
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